Mwórveld Single Malt Whiskey

In December 2017 the distillery started producing Limburgish whiskey. The first whiskey was released on 25 April 2021. Since then, thirty-five casks have been filled: these include former sherry casks, former bourbon Heaven Hill casks, wine casks from local vineyards and madeira casks from Henriques & Henriques.
We have, of course, also casked peated whiskey. This whiskey, the Eighth, is bottled in March 2024.
We continue to seek out unusual and special casks for the maturing of future batches of whiskey.


Kaore is distilled from grain, with a base of 35% rye and 65% barley. Mwórveld Distillery makes Kaore in several varieties. Kaore 1 is matured for several months in glass; Kaore 2 and 3 mature for several months in different wooden casks. This gives the distillate a great hue and a more complex range of flavours. After maturing, a herbal extract with juniper berry is added.

Mwórveld Gin

Mwórveld Gin is the result of much research and experimenting. Its flavour is flowery and mellow. It is a unique artisanal gin, distilled with care in limited series. One to savour, either neat or in a G&T.
In addition to our flagship gin we also produce Mwórveld Gin Robuust, a nice, herbal gin with a base of warm spices.


TUUR is our distillate based on the grape residues of local vineyards. Our own ‘grappa’. TUUR Mono is made on the basis of a single variety of grape; TUUR Mista is based on several grape varieties and is briefly matured on wood.
Both are ABV 43.3%.


Every year we produce 1250 litres of apple cider distillate under the name ‘Fuselier’. This drink is a co-production with another party, and made under the Calvados method. We process 12,000 litres of apple cider, which is made from 12-18 different varieties of local apple. The name Fuselier was arrived at through our contacts at the Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene, a regiment of the Royal Netherlands Army.
The distillate matures between 9 months and 2 years on new oak casks.

Splendeur Plus

We also produce our own plum-based eau de vie each year, under the name Splendeur Plus. For this product we use several specialised techniques which allow the drink’s flavour to come out better. In addition, this beverage has a slightly higher than average alcohol percentage (ABV 50%). We mature Splendeur Plus on new oak casks.


Raconteur is an eau de vie with a defined flavour. The combination of the sweet fruity flavour of cherries and the slightly bitter flavour of elderflower make this a drink for the true connoiseur. Raconteur is produced in limited numbers. It is matured on glass so that the refined flavour of the elderflower is brought out.


JUUL is the result of an ongoing project: bottles of (old) wine brought to us by third parties are distilled to a ‘eau de vie de vin’. We use different types of wine (red, white, rosé and champagne), from a range of countries. The distillate is matured on casks selected specifically for this beverage. This makes each produced batch unique.

Tour with tasting

To give everyone the opportunity to visit the distillery and taste whiskey and other distillates, we organise tours of the distillery which are combined with tastings. Each tasting is a great opportunity to discover which flavours suit you and what appeals to you. Please see ‘Tastings’for more information.

Gift vouchers

We have gift vouchers available for all our products and tours and tastings. If you want to give someone a special gift in the shape of a Mwórveld Gift Voucher, please contact us via the Contact Us formor call us on +31 (0)6 11065164.

Corporate clients

For anniversaries, Christmas, corporate gifts or other events, we can distill your own unique gin, liqueur, Dutch gin or eau de vie. If desired, we can do this in your own preferred type of bottle, with a customised label and/or packaging. Such a special gift will emphasize and strengthen your relationship with another organisation or with your customer(s). We can offer this service for orders between 25 and 250 bottles (please note: orders should be of one product).

If this is of interest, please contact us on +31 (0)6 11065164 or send us a message using the Contact Usform.


 From fruit to liqueur


 Picking fruit

 Done by client

 € 0.00

 Collecting fruit at orchard / at home,
 up to 400 kg

 Within 10km radius of distillery
 Between 10 – 25km
 More than 25km 

 price on request

 Processing to pulp

 Each 100kg

 price on request


 Each 210 litre cask ~ 175-200kg fruit

 price on request


 Each 210 litre cask | distilling

 price on request

 Processing residual products (e.g.
 grape pomace)

 Each 210 litre cask

 price on request

 Excise duties

 Dependent on amount and ABV
 For example: 40% ABV = € 6.75 excise duty
 per litre ( excl VAT)


 Dilution and bottling

 Including 500ml bottle or
 bottle supplied by client

 price on request

If you want to know more about the fruit to drink process, please call us at +31 (0)6 11065164 or send us a message via the ‘contact us’ form


Tasteful sampling

A good way to discover which distilled beverages suit you best is to sample as many of them  possible. Mwórveld Distillery offers this opportunity through a Tour and Tasting event.


 Whisk(e)y tasting

There are many varieties of whiskey.
The (tour and) tasting gives you the opportunity to discover which whiskey suits your personal taste bests. If available we will also offer you a sample of our own whiskey.

 When:                                 Friday evenings from 7-9pm
 Where:                                Mwórveld Distillery
 Maximum group size:          23 people 
 Price:                                   €20 per person
The following dates are available

May 31th:         3 places available
June 28th:       23 places available
July 5th:          23 places available


 Mwórveld Distillery Tour and Tasting

Mwórveld Distillery produces a number of its own distillates. During this tour and tasting you get the opportunity to sample a number of our own products. Ofcourse we will be offering samples of our own whiskey, as well as the award-winning Kaore 2 and 3.

 When:                                Every Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm
 Where:                               Mwórveld Distillery
 Maximum group size:         23 people 
 Price:                                  €20 per person

In light of the timings of the tour and tasting, you have the opportunity to reserve a table for dinner at Bakhuis Moorveld, and enjoy a pleasant meal on the distillery site. You can make a reservation by emailing info@bakhuismoorveld.nl or ring Guido at +31 6 15 57 05 33.

The following dates are available:
There are no tastings in december and january

May 25th      15 places available
June 8th       19 places available
June 29th     23 places available
July 6th        23 places available
July 20th      17 places available

Would you like to book for a tour and tasting? Please get in touch using the contact us form.
Please note we only take PIN or cash payments on the spot.

Corporate event?

Treat your staff with a unique corporate event. Would you like to book a private tour of the distillery as a staff outing? Would you like the day to include a meal? We can arrange this for groups of 10 to 23 people. More than 23 people is also possible, but only after consultation. Let us know what you would like to arrange by using the ‘contact us’ mail and we will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.