Funders Whiskey
The people listed here have materially contributed to the start and development of Mwórveld Distillery by purchasing a vat of whiskey in advance. We are very grateful to them, so they have definitely deserved a mention on this website. We have also immortalised their contribution on the walls of the distillery.
This crowdfunding action is closed from 04-01-2020. Currently there are no casks available. 

Founding Funders

Jan Stroucken | Heeswijk-Dinther NL

Inge en Bert Cordewener | Houthem NL

Timber Theo | Bunde NL

Benny Briers | Genk B

Hans Eummelen | Brunssum NL

Frank Schols | Schimmert NL

Genootschap Whisky in de Bergen | Stein NL

Anonymous | Maastricht NL

Familie Custers | Europa

Ian R. Francis | Scotland

Pedro Coenen | Maaseik B

Slijterij Bernard Rekko bv | Meerssen NL

Wil en Joey Nijsten | Geleen NL

Fam. Koelman | Bunde NL

Minnie Mouse Treffen (MMT) | The Netherlands

Wijngoed Raar Saint Remi BV | Meerssen NL

Fam. van der Sterren | Urmond NL

Marja de Jong & Henk Hausoul | Meerssen NL

John en Nicole Hoogsteder | Bunde NL

Maurice Paulussen | Catsop NL

Nancy and Guido Smeets | Meas NL

Zesch Heeren Whisky | The Netherlands

Ron Robat | Bocholtz NL

Harrie en Mark Lardinois | Bunde NL

De 4 Whisketeers | Aelse / Meas NL

Jos en Florent Jongen | Gäöl NL

Whiskey Funders
Our production of

Mwórveld Whiskey

started at the end of 2017.
The first Mwórveld Whiskey will therefore be available in Spring 2021.
Just like all Distilleries are different, so are the whiskeys that they produce.
Mwórveld Whiskey differentiates itself by the artisinal methods of production and the mellow flavour. The mellowness is a result of the close attention paid to the distilling process, the quality of the base ingredients, and the maturing of the whiskey in 250-litre oak casks, which previously contained Bourbon or Sherry. These casks are bought straight from cooperages in Scotland and Spain.
The whiskeys are not filtered and no colour is added to them.