My name is Ger Arts. I was born and raised in the south Limburg region of the Netherlands. For many years I have had an interest in Ireland and Irish culture. During one of my trips through Ireland, I visited a small-scale whiskey distillery. This visit got me interested in the craft of distilling. In 2017 I decided to develop this interest further. I currently produce whiskey inspired by the Irish tradition, alongside Koare, Gin and fruit-based distillates.
Mwórveld Distillery wants to contribute to the refining of the flavour palette of distilled beverages. Tasteful distillates allow for mindful consumption, where quality wins out over quantity. The flavours are created through the use of high quality materials, an artisinal distilling process andmaturation in carefully selected wooden casks.
The distillery uses regional products and pays close attention to the re-use of residual materials, wherever possible.
Thank you for your interest in Mwórveld Distillery. I would love to hear from you, so please do contact me if you have any questions or comments.


The distillery is based in the village of Moorveld (in the municipality of Meerssen, in the south of Limburg); specifically in Moorveldshof, a beautiful converted ‘carré’ farm that is several hundred years’ old. In the local dialect, the name of the village is written and pronounced as Mwórveld.
Mwórveld Distillery BV
Schonen Steynweg 4a
6237 NA Moorveld-Meerssen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 11065164

Distilling your own alcohol at home is banned by law in nearly every EU country, primarily to allow for the correct administration of excise duties. In the Netherlands, one requires a permit to own a still with a capacity of more than 1 litre.